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      • College Bloopers
        Non Campus Mentis is an excellent collection of "bloopers, malapropisms, revisionist hypotheses, and creative interpretations of history" from actual student papers. This could be a great gift for a history teacher. Here are some excepts:

        History, a record of things left behind

      • Lincoln on the use of words in historic speeches
        Government Printer Defrees, when one of the President's messages was being printed, was a good deal disturbed by the use of the term "sugar- coated," and finally went to Mr. Lincoln about it.

        Their relations to each other being of the most intimate character, he told the Pr

      • Death bed joke (Heinrich Heine)
        As Heinrich Heine, a famous German poet, laid on his death bed, an officious priest advised him to make his peace with God lest he die unforgiven. " I am not worried," Heine said, "Dieu me pardonnera; c'est son metier?" (God will forgive me. That's his job).

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