Another joke was played off upon poor Fischer >by the Prince of Wales this merrymaking season, >to this effect: after the concert, which Fischer >attended twice a week at Richmond or at Kew, >wherever the King and Queen were, he used eagerly >to seize upon the supper before he went to London. >Upon one occasion the Prince came in and said, ' I >have ordered something that I know you like;' a >dish was brought in, and when the cover was lifted, >out jumped a rabbit. Germans have a particular >dislike to that animal in every shape and form ; >therefore it is easy to conjecture poor Fischer's >state of mind. This joke cost him only the loss of his >supper, but many nights succeeded before he could >be prevailed upon to again enter the eating-room.

>From Court and Private Life in the Time of Queen Charlotte by Charlotte Louise Henrietta Papendiek