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      • Puns and Conundrums
        Some Puns and Conundrums from "Wit and Humor of the Age" by Melville De Lancey Landon, Mark Twain

        Why is a lawyer like a restless sleeper?
        He lies first on one side and then on the other

        What is the difference between a cat and a comma?
        A cat has claws

      • A Scotch Anecdote of Gladstone
        Mr. Gladstone's fluency in argumentation, although i natural gift, was purposely fostered by his father: indeed, all the family were accustomed to argue about everything that turned up at table or elsewhere. On one occasion William Gladstone and his sister Mary disputed as to where a certain pi

      • Ben Wade's Wit
        Old Ben Wade was traveling over the Union Pacific railroad, through Cheyenne and Laramie. Sitting down by Juto Daniels, who ran a ranch at Laramie, old Ben remarked:

        "This is a very bad country—a God-forsaken country, Mr. Daniels."

        "You are mistaken, Senator,&quo

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