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      • Words from God
        The historicity of this anecdote is more than doubtful. It does, however, provide a beautiful insight into the ways human mind often operates:

        A middle-aged Londoner was faced with a difficult decision when choosing between two lovely ladies, Anna and Mary, both willing to join him in mat

      • Example for the entire army
        A prominent volunteer officer who, early in the War, was on duty in Washington and often carried reports to Secretary Stanton at the War Department, told a characteristic story on President Lincoln. Said he : "I was with several other young officers, also

      • It's tennis to me!
        Pop sensation Christina Aguilera was once introduced to the uncrowned king of golf, Tiger Woods. "Christina, I love your music," Woods declared. "I have all your CDs..." "Sorry, I don't follow tennis," Aguilera said, "so I don't know much about you."

      • USA vs. Canada -- a Frenchman's Joke
        The French ambassador to Washington, Jean Jusserand, was once discussing matters of European foreign politics with Theodore Roosevelt's wife. "Why don't you learn from the United States and Canada?" the First Lady responded. "We have a three-thousand-mile unfortified peacefu

      • Erigena and the King (the original Irish joke)
        One day tho king and Erigena sat on opposite sides of the
        table, with the courtiers ranged around. The scholar—through
        forgetfulness or ignorance—transgressed some of the rules of etiquette,
        so as to offend the fastidious taste of those who sat by, upon which,
        the king asked him

      • An Old Indian
        AGED INDIAN.
        The French, in the year 1696, attacked the Iroquois
        Indians in Canada, whom they surprised and dispersed.
        An illustrious warrior of that nation, who was more
        than a hundred years old, disdaining to fly, or unable
        to do it, was taken prisoner, and abandoned to th

      • Last wish: a newspaper
        In the memorable battle of Trafalgar, William
        Chambers, master of the Royal Sovereign, had part
        of his side carried away while steering the ship towards
        the close of the action. He just lived until
        the firing ceased, when, with a feeble voice, he exclaimed,
        "Oh, could

      • Love and Glory
        In the year 863, Harold destroyed the host of
        princes who had long divided Norway, and united
        the whole of the provinces under his own dominion.
        Being enamoured of Gida, the daughter of Prince
        Eric, of Hadaland, he sent some persons of his suit
        to conduct her to court. "

      • Suvorov in the Alps: how to talk to soldiers
        In crossing the Alps, the soldiers of Suvorov,
        overwhelmed with fatigues, and dispirited with hardships,
        no longer obeyed his voice, or observed their
        usual discipline. He ordered a ditch to be dug, and
        stretching himself in it, cried out to his mu

      • Golf - an interesting approach!
        Louis B. Mayer (American producer, co-founder of MGM) had an admiration for 'class' and wanted badly to possess it. After being told that golf was a classy American sport, he decided to take it up. He never was able, however, to get the hang of it, as he never quite understood that the ga

      • Irish Air
        Lady Carteret, wife of the Lord Lieutenant, said to Swift one day, "The air of Ireland is excellent and healthy." "For God's sake, madam," said Swift, falling down before her, "don't say so in England, for if you do they will tax it."

        From The Book

      • A Mexican Anecdote
        The people of the Mexican capital had been told that the Americans eat children, and all these pledges of love had been removed, Lieutenant M., of the dragoons, having heard this story, accosted a man, and asked him if he knew where he could get "a nice fat boy for supper," adding that he

      • Navy Blunders: Admiral Benbow
        When Admiral Benbow was a common sailor, his messmate, who was stationed with him at the same gun, lost his leg by a cannon shot. The poor fellow instantly called out to his friend, who immediately took him up on his shoulder, and began with great care to descend with him into the cockpit; but it ha

      • You're no Mozart
        Mozart was once approached by a young man who was interested in Mozart's advice on how to compose a symphony. Since he was still very young, Mozart recommended that he start by composing ballads. Surprised, the young man responded, "But you wrote symphonies when you were only ten years old

      • Saved by the Empress
        Maria Fedorovna, Empress of Russia and wife of Tsar Alexander III, was known for her charitable works. In fact, she once saved a comdemned man from exile in Siberia by changing a single comma in the warrant signed by her husband. Instead of reading: "Pardon impossible, to be sent to Siberia,&qu

      • Louis XI: The Star King
        King Louis XI of France was a firm believer in astrology and yet he was somewhat uneasy when an astrologer accurately predicted the death of a lady at court. He felt the astrologer would be better off dead, so Louis called him to his apartments where his servants were ordered to throw him out the wi

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