The French, in the year 1696, attacked the Iroquois Indians in Canada, whom they surprised and dispersed. An illustrious warrior of that nation, who was more than a hundred years old, disdaining to fly, or unable to do it, was taken prisoner, and abandoned to the savages attached to the French force, who, following their barbarous customs, made him suffer the most horrible torments. The old man never suffered a sigh to escape him, but boldly reproached his countrymen with rendering themselves slaves to the Europeans, of whom he spoke with great contempt. These invectives aggravated one of the spectators, who gave him three or four blows with his sword, to finish him. "Thou art wrong," said the prisoner, coolly, " to shorten my life ; thou wouldst have had more time to learn how to die like a man."

From The Percy Anecdotes